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Rules! They’re awesome. They keep people from eating each other! Let’s not eat each other, okay?

This runs a bit long, so just read the bolded and italicizes parts for the quick and dirty rundown.


1) The obvious one: There will absolutely be no bashing/name calling in this community. This applies to characters, actors, and other members of the comm. If you’re bashing characters, actors, or ships, twenty points will be taken from your team. If you harass, bully, or bash another member of spnland , fifty points will be taken from your team. A second offense will result in your being banned from the comm. Basically: no wank. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

2) This community does not have a lower age limit. We don't care how old you are; we're not your parents. Supernatural is a pretty mature show that deals with some pretty mature subject matter. Expect the occasional mature content, and be mature yourself. Even if we're not all adults here, we should act like we are.

3) Challenges will be posted according to the schedules the writings, graphics, and games mods come up with. The character challenge will be posted midway through each month, and miscellaneous challenges will be posted once a week every Sunday. We understand that timezones are different, and we will keep that in mind when posting and closing challenges.

4) You must put your team name down when you post your submission for a challenge. If you don’t, your submission will not be included and your team will not get points.

5) All ships will be allowed. Slash, het, femmeslash- whatever rocks your socks. However, all submissions that feature a pairing will have warnings posted before it. And, remember, before you post your epic sonnet about Castiel/the Impala, some people won't want to read it, and thus you may lose votes.

6) This Rule of Tolerance also applies to pretty much anything else that might pop up- nudity, drugs, violence, whatever. We ask that you keep things to an R-rating or lower. Also, if you don't warn for rating or pairings- you will be disqualified. You deserve the right to create what you want; other people have the right not to see it.

7) This is a no-spoiler community. And any discussion about new episodes must be under a cut for a week after the episode airs. If you spoil someone, you will be warned. If it keeps happening, points will be taken from your team. Graphics (including icons you use in comments) must not feature any spoilers for upcoming episodes. When an episode has aired, you must wait at least a week before including something from it in your graphics.

8) RPF (by which I mean, fiction about real people), will not be allowed. We realize RPF is a large (and fun!) part of Supernatural fandom, but this is a comm devoted to the show itself, and not its actors (wonderful though they may be). Discussing how hot the actors (and actresses!) looked in an episode, however, is perfectly acceptable. ;)

9) We’re not on 24/7, so if you ask us a question, please be patient. We'll get back to you, just maybe not right away.

10) As of right now, your team leaders are: nowgold and giantlovetingle for Team Hell, cherie_morte and wutendeskind for Team Hunter, and tinitrinity and hils  for Team Heaven. If you have any questions within your team community, please talk to your team leaders. They’re there to help you.

11) Comm mods are allowed to participate in challenges. If we win, then our points will go to whatever team is in last place.

12) Don't share answers or tell your team members what your submission is. It's cheating, and it's tacky, and it will get your submission disqualified. This does not apply if a challenge is participation only (i.e., submissions are not voted upon). In that case, having someone look over your submission is acceptable.

13)We understand real life can get hectic, but this community can only survive if it's members are active. We ask that you participate in at least one challenge a month. If you don't, you will be cut from the community at the end of the Apocalypse


Points will be awarded after a challenge/task closes. Every time they are updated, one of the mods will make a post saying so. You can view your team points at either your team community, or on the spnland 's side bar under your team name. Points will vary from challenge to challenge, and task to task.

If you want to leave/switch your teams:
If you want to leave spnland , please PM either coyotesuspect or familiardevil , and let us know what team you are on. Then PM your team leader and let them know. After that, we will be sure to remove you from the community. ):

If you would like to switch teams, you have to wait until the Apocalypse ends, at which point we will allow you to reapply to the community, stating what team you were on before and what team you would like to be moved to.

Questions or concerns? Feel free to comment here. (Comments are not screened.)

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