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Sorting Post!

Come back later please! Sorting closed until June 15th.

Hey everyone- this is the official sorting post for the new teams. 

Teams are: Team Hunter, Team Heaven, and Team Hell.

To apply, please fill out the following:

Previous Team
(if applicable):

Team 1:
Team 2:
Team 3:

Favorite episode of Supernatural?

How did you find out about spnland? (If it was through a friend, let us know their name so we can reward them points.)


Important Notes:

+We'll try to give you your top choice. However, we want to keep the teams fairly even, so be aware you may end up in your second or third choice. But here's the thing- it doesn't really matter what team you're on- as long as you kick ass and have fun while there.

+Do not request membership to the challenge comms until after you've been sorted.

+Please read the rules before applying. They're very important.

+If you were members of the old challenge comms (e.g., spndadsjournal ), it's not necessary to delete them from your flist. But it's not necessary to keep them around either.

+You will not immediately be sorted into your team. We like to wait until we have quite a few people signed up, so when we sort it's easier to keep the team numbers even.

+You can still sign up after the Apocalypse begins.

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