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sorting/application post

sorting/application post

This is where you apply for your team!

» Your journal should be at least 1 month old and show signs of activity.
» You should plan on participating at least once every other week.
» You will recieve a comment when you've been accepted.
» When you have a team, you will sent invitations to the team, main, and challenge comms. Do not add them!
» The team choices are Team Heaven, Team Hell, and Team Hunter.

Important Notes:
+ I will try to give you your top choice. However if an effort to keep the teams even and fair you might get your second or third choice. Please remember that it doesn't matter what team you are on because each team will be fighting the good (bad) fight.

+ Do not request membership to the challenge comms.

+ Please read the rules before applying. They're very important.

+ You may not be immediately sorted into your team. I will be sorting as best as I can but there might be several factors slowing it down.

+ You can still sign up after the Apocalypse begins.

Team Hunter is now closed as there is already a waitlist.
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1) The obvious one:
There will absolutely be no bashing/name calling in this community. This applies to characters, actors, and other members of the comm.
If you’re bashing characters, actors, or ships, twenty points will be taken from your team. If you harass, bully, or bash another member of spnland , fifty points will be taken from your team. A second offense will result in your being banned from the comm. Basically: no wank. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

2) This community does not have a lower age limit.
We don't care how old you are; we're not your parents. Supernatural is a pretty mature show that deals with some pretty mature subject matter. Expect the occasional mature content, and be mature yourself. Even if we're not all adults here, we should act like we are.

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Watching the Comm?

If you are watching this community, please consider applying for a team so you can join in on the challenges and have some fun! There are three teams; Heaven, Hell, and Hunter. With different challenges every week that range from graphics to writing, games to media, and team challenges. So be sure to check us out!
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introducing myself and round four


I'm Audi, your new mod for spnland . I was and still am one of the games mod and was on Team Hunter as well as Team Dean the rounds before this. So I know a lot of you, hope to meet the rest of you, have probably spammed a post or two with you, and now I get to mod you. It's totally a verb. I'm very excited to be here modding it up with ya'll and get this round started! A few things are going to happen in the coming days but it all leads up to restarting Apocalypse 4.
  • There will be team clean up posts posted in each comm sometime today. If you wish to stay on your team for the coming round, please leave a comment to the post. The posts will be open for one week (January 19th) and if you have not commented wishing to stay, you will be cut.
  • However if you wish to stay but would like to switch teams, do not comment on the post. There will be a new application post going up that you can comment to to reapply for another team.
  • There will also be a couple other mod posts going up; hiatus/page-a-mod/opt out, suggestions, etc.

Participation is going to be critical this round. All I'm asking for is at least one challenge a month and that does not include voting. If at the end of the month you have not entered a challenge, you will be cut unless you have spoken with me via PM or the hiatus post.

I'm also ecstatic to announce some new mods joining me and the rest of the crew this apocolypse.

New Team Hell Co-Mod: dorian_mauve 

New Team Hunter Mods: 
auroraprimavera & lovedbythesun 

Thank you to everyone who stuck around and waited patiently for Apocalypse four and also mad props to familiardevil and coyotesuspect , without you guys this place might never have seen the light of day. So a huge thank you <3

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Winners Winners Winners!


The winner for spnland's third apocalypse has been determined!

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CONGRATULATIONS not only to the winning team, but to ALL the teams and EVERYONE who participated. We're so grateful to have everyone participate, and Red and I are so, so sorry it took so long to get this up. Real life has been very stressful for both of us, and spnland became something we put off to the side for way too long. You guys deserved better, and it won't happen again - especially as the wonderful sourpony is taking up Team God! Thanks for the wonderful times, teams, and good luck <3

Saying farewell!,
Red and Sam
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Character Week 007: Ruby

Character Week 007: Ruby!

For new members:
Character Week is a week in which all challenges (except for games challenges) will center around a single character. That means your writing challenges, your graphics challenges, and your media challenges will all be centered around this one character, and any relationships they have with other Supernatural characters. We thought it would be a fun way to have everyone step out of the box and explore characters that are normally only secondary to Dean, Sam, and Castiel in fandom works.
The third week of every month will be character week (the 14th to the 21st).

Your mods,
Red and Sam
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Wanted: Team Hell Co-Mod

Hey Guys!

If you've ever thought 'Hey! Being a Team Mod might be fun!' then now is your chance! I'm currently looking for a co-mod for Team Hell - It's not a terribly difficult job because I am some sort of anal freak and have a plan for the coming round, lol.

If it's something you think you'd like to do, head over to this post and fill in the form. To be applicable you'll have to be a member of Team Hell, willing to change or planning on joining Team Hell.